Everything starts with an idea. Along with that idea comes the courage of not being afraid to put yourself and your creation out to the world without fear of failure. I wanted to create my own platform to keep me motivated and to help me remain ambitious as I came to understand that there were not many creative communities to join and to network with. Having that mentality, I created Bungalow 19 on May 19th, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. As time went on, I wrote poetry and motivational books, wrote articles as a blog contributor for Strange Music Inc, ghost written content for other websites, and even started a podcast, “The RelationTrip Show.” Standing the test of time and exceeding the expectations of many, Bungalow 19 represents the spirit of the creative and caters to the core of what makes us all elite creators. Being more than a creative hub, Bungalow has also manifested into a marketing firm and production company for my many projects and upcoming campaigns for other brands across various mediums. Our purpose is just simply, “Create, Inspire, and Ascend.” Create a variety of dope content, Inspire those who seek to uplift and create for themselves and others in their environment, and to Ascend to enormous success as they accomplish all of the goals that they set. This is Bungalow 19.


Thank You and Much Respect!

Anthony “TONE-DEF” Barker                                                                                                          Bungalow 19 Creator



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